A comprehensive guide about second marriage & polygyny


Second marriage or polygyny in Islam is one of the matters that causes a lot of confusion and differences between men and women. Therefore, we decided to prepare this article for you, as a comprehensive guide that answers most of your questions about this topic.

Table of contents

  • Second marriage (polygyny) in Islam
  • Second marriage (polygyny) conditions 
  • Why is second marriage (polygyny) important in Islam?
  • Polygyny vs. polygamy
  • How do I find a good second wife?
  • FAQ about second marriage in Islam (Polygyny)

second marriage (polygyny) in Islam

The second marriage in Islam is for a man to marry a second wife without divorcing the first wife, taking into account justice between them in terms of rights. at the same time, polygyny is when a man marries two women, or three, with a maximum of 4 wives at the same time, taking into account fair rights between them.

On this basis, second marriage is part of the comprehensive concept of “polygyny,” and polygyny is permitted in Islam for many social reasons. However, it is not obligatory for men in the Qur’an, but rather it is an option available to men As long as they meet the conditions of polygyny as stipulated in the Qur’an.

Second marriage (polygyny) conditions 

Whether a man decides to marry a second, third, or even fourth wife, he must observe some of the conditions that Islam obligates him to adhere to, which are as follows:

1. Financial ability: A man wishing to marry a second wife or have multiple wives must have sufficient financial resources to cover each family’s expenses.

2. Physical ability: A man must be able to fully satisfy his wives sexually, So as not to expose them to adultery.

3. Equality: men are obligated to achieve complete equality of rights between all their wives.

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Why is polygyny important in Islam?

Polygyny provides many advantages for both men and women, the most important of which are:

Islam regulates polygyny

polygyny was practiced before Islam, as it was part of the ancient Arab, Hindu, and Chinese cultures, Islam limited polygyny to only four and set regulatory controls for it due to the interests of humanity.

Preventing adultery

Adultery and homosexuality are forbidden in Islam, so marriage is the only means permitted for spouses to satisfy their sexual desire, preserve lineage, and have children.

It is known that throughout history the number of women has exceeded the number of men as a result of continuous wars, resulting in widows and unmarried women. So, being satisfied with one woman for every man may encourage women to commit adultery, because a number of them will not find men to marry them, to satisfy their sexual instincts in a halal way. Also, this may result in fatherless children and a miserable and uncomfortable situation for working women.

Polygyny vs. polygamy

The term “polygyny” refers to a man marrying two or more women, and for it to be compatible with Islam, the maximum number of wives must be four at the same time, and the obligation to apply the conditions of polygyny, such as fair rights between their wives.

The term “polygamy” refers to a man or woman marrying two or more people at the same time, and this is forbidden in Islam, because Islam stipulates the possibility of polygamy with a maximum of four, and it is forbidden for a woman to marry more than a man.

How do I find a good second wife?

If you are a man looking for online Muslim dating (second wife or polygyny) or you are a woman who agrees to be a second, third, or fourth wife in the Islamic way, then you are in the right place. 

Create a new account on Mawada website and write your specifications and the specifications of your life partner whom you want to associate with.

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FAQ about second marriage in Islam (Polygyny)

Do I have to tell my wife about my second marriage in Islam?

Islam does not require a man to inform his first wife of his marriage to the second. However, he should know her to avoid any problems between them in the future as long as that is possible. However, the marriage would be valid and legitimate, if he did not know her.

Can a man sleep with both his wives in Islam?

Having sexual relations with more than one wife at the same time is forbidden in Islam, even if both wives agree to it, because that relationship results in each of them seeing each other’s private parts, and this is forbidden in Islam.

What if a man wants to marry a fifth wife?

A man cannot marry more than 4 wives at the same time in Islam, so he cannot marry a fifth before divorcing one of his previous four wives.


Second marriage or polygamy in Islam is not obligatory for a man, It is optional and the man is obligated to some conditions so that he is not a sinner. What about you? What do you think about 2nd marriage (polygyny)?

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