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Islam commands the wife to perform Muslim husband rights that it has commanded her to do, and it also completely obligates the husband to have certain rights towards his wife, to maintain the cohesion of the marital relationship between them with affection and mercy. In this guide, we will discuss the rights of a Muslim husband towards his wife in detail, so be sure to follow the article until the end.

Table of contents 

  • Why are there rights and duties between spouses in Islam?
  • What are Muslim husband rights in Islam?
  • Conclusion about Muslim husband rights

Why are there rights and duties between spouses in Islam?

God Almighty made the marital relationship one of the greatest bonds between two people. So, for affection and mercy to last between spouses, both must know their rights and duties towards their life partner, perform their duties, and ask about their rights.

By following this policy in marital life, there will be no room for Satan to enter between the spouses and try to separate them, as God Almighty told us in the Qur’an.

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What are Muslim husband rights in Islam?

There are some duties of a wife to her husband in Islam, the most important of which are the following: 

1. Nikah is one of the most important husband rights on wife in Islam

Islam obliges the wife to allow her husband to enjoy and have sexual intercourse with her as long as there is no legal impediment to the wife, such as the menstrual cycle or illness, for example. This is so that she does not expose her husband to temptation and falls into forbidden things, such as the temptation of adultery.

2. Obedience is one of the rights of the husband over the wife in Islam  

Obedience to a man is one of the most important Muslim husband rights towards his wife as long as this obedience is not disobedience to God Almighty. There are different forms and cases of this obedience, the most famous of which are the following:

Leaving the house after asking her husband for permission

Sometimes the wife is forced to leave the house for several reasons, such as visiting family and relatives, buying household supplies, going out with her old friends, etc.

However, the wife must take permission from her husband before leaving the house, and obey him if he asks her not to leave the house because that is one of the husband’s rights to the wife in Islam.

Going with your husband when traveling or moving to a new house

The husband’s work circumstances may force him to move to a new city to take up a new position there. In this case, the Muslim husband has the right of his wife to go with him and reside in the new place of residence, because the husband staying away from his wife may expose both of them to temptation and gradually kill the marital relationship between them.

Allowing someone to enter his home without the husband’s permission

Sometimes some wives may suffer from loneliness or boredom while sitting alone at home while the husband is at work. Therefore, some of her friends or neighbors come to her to sit with her for a while.

In this case, the Muslim husband has the right of his wife to ask him for permission before allowing anyone to enter the house, and not to let anyone he hates enter his home.

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3. Serving the husband in housework

Serving the husband in household chores is one of Muslim husband rights towards his wife, within the limits of the wife’s ability and according to societal norms.

For example, if the husband is financially capable, he can bring a maid to help his wife. so this matter depends on financial and societal circumstances.

Housework includes common matters in married life, such as preparing food for the husband, taking care of the children, cleaning and arranging the house, and washing the clothes of the husband and children, and all of these things are among the duties of a wife to her husband in Islam.

However, the husband must take care of his wife if she is sick or tired, and try to help her from time to time if he has the time and ability to do so because marriage life is affection and mercy.

4. Disciplining the wife is one of the Muslim husband rights

In Islam, the man has the right to discipline his wife if she does not obey him and refuses to give him his rights. The stages of disciplining the wife begin with good advice and reminding the wife that God obligated her to obey her, and tries to perfect it by saying that his obedience maintains the stability of their family.

If the wife still does not obey him, then there is a second stage, which is the husband abandoning his wife. so, he does not speak with her completely or partially, and he does not have sex with her, or he does one of the two things according to the personality of each husband.

If his wife still does not obey him, then it is permissible for the husband to hit her without causing any harm, to reform the wife and bring her back to her senses and obedience to her husband.

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Conclusion about Muslim husband rights

the wife’s concern for her Muslim husband rights increases her reward with God Almighty, preserves the stability of the family, and makes the husband more keen to fulfill all of the wife’s rights in the same way, which makes the marital life between them full of understanding and love.

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