How do you choose the best Islamic matrimonial website?


Many activities have moved to the Internet as it has developed and spread greatly worldwide in the last 20 years, including using the Islamic matrimonial website to search for a suitable life partner.

 In this guide, we will learn about some necessary tips that must be taken into account to choose the best Islamic marriage website, so make sure to follow the article until the end to get the full benefit.

Table of contents

  • What is the definition of an Islamic matrimonial website and its importance?
  • Important tips for choosing the right Islamic matrimonial website
  • Best Islamic matrimonial website

What is the definition of an Islamic matrimonial website and its importance?

The Islamic marriage website is an e-website used by those wishing to get married to search for a husband/wife. They register, then fill out their personal information, and specifications they are looking for in their life partner.

The website must take into account Islamic conditions so that it does not turn into a dating and chat website between the sexes and people looking for relationships outside Islamic marriage. The Islamic marriage website provides those about to get married with a platform that allows them the freedom to choose a life partner with the specifications they want.

This is not available to many people who work in workplaces where there is no contact with the opposite sex, or they do not dare to propose marriage directly to someone they like in the workplace, for fear of rejection for example.  so, the Islamic marriage website is an ideal place for these people.

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Important tips for choosing the right Islamic matrimonial website

Using an Islamic marriage website is halal as long as it meets Islamic conditions that prevent its misuse for purposes other than marriage, One of the most important of these tips is the following:

1. Seriousness on the Islamic matrimonial website

The primary goal of the Muslim marriage website should be marriage and not dating the other party so that it does not turn into a dating site and be misused for purposes other than marriage.

This can be achieved by preventing users’ photos from being displayed directly except after the other party’s approval, monitoring chats between users by website administrators, and providing an option to report offensive content so that the administration takes appropriate action against it.

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2. The presence of deterrent penalties for violators on any Muslim marriage website

With strict censorship from Islamic matrimonial website moderators, these websites will continue to be a target for ill-intentioned people who want to use them for dating and correspondence with the opposite sex.

Therefore, the website must provide, through the “report button” deterrent penalties for violators, who, for example, say indecent words or try to date and are not looking for Islamic marriage.

3. It mustn’t support temporary marriage & must support polygyny

The real Islamic marriage website does not support temporary marriage of all kinds, such as Mutah marriage or common-law marriage, because fixed-term marriage is forbidden in Islam, and marriage must not lack publicity and witnesses.

At the same time, the website must support second marriage or polygyny, because it is an option that Islam has made available to the man as long as he applies its conditions, such as, but not limited to, the condition of justice between all his wives.

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4. The search feature does not conflict with Islamic conditions

The search feature within any Islamic marriage site must not conflict with Islamic conditions so that it is not a gateway for people looking for dating and friendships, such as having the option to search for gay people or the option of temporary marriage and other matters forbidden in Islam.

5. Providing a free trial on Muslim marriage sites is preferable

Providing a free trial is not among the Islamic conditions that must met on Muslim matrimonial sites, however, it should exist so that those looking for a husband/wife can browse the website and ensure they adhere to the Islamic conditions before subscribing to the paid package.

Best Islamic matrimonial website

In case, you are looking for the best Islamic matrimonial website to find your suitable life partner, whether a man or a woman, you are in the right place. Register now for a free account on Mawada to begin the first steps of your marriage journey in the Islamic way with thousands of life partners registered on the website.


Using Muslim marriage sites is halal as long as it does not conflict with Islamic conditions, and it is a suitable method for many people who do not interact much with the opposite sex in their daily activities. And you, what do you think? Do you have experience with an Islamic matrimonial website? We await your answers in the comments.

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